(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) — A newly released pandemic Community Data Dashboard is the result of a countywide public-private partnership to empower residents and leaders with real-time information necessary to reign in COVID-19 and mount effective recovery efforts. The new dashboard builds upon existing metrics released by the County with additional timely, accurate data presented in a way that is easy to navigate and understand, enabling residents to take collective action to address the pandemic.

“In order to confront the COVID-19 crisis, Santa Barbara County residents and leaders need timely access to trustworthy data to make data-driven decisions. This public-private partnership brought together key agencies and organizations to meet this critical need by building an open and transparent collaborative data portal that builds upon everyone’s good work to date,” commented Supervisor Gregg Hart, Chair, Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.

The dashboard builds upon the current surveillance metrics, status reports and dashboard provided by County public health officials and reflects the state metrics and interactive data charts for viewers to explore top priority epidemic data (testing, cases, health care capacity) by place, time period and demography. The dashboard helps tell the local COVID-19 story in a mix of visual and narrative forms to explain why the data is important and any resulting actions based on the metrics.

The dashboard, available on the Santa Barbara County Public Health website, is the result of a robust public-private partnership facilitated by LegacyWorks with a wide array of community organizations and agencies, guided by a steering committee made up of public health experts and community leaders. The steering committee’s work is informed by a larger advisory group with broad expertise and perspective. 

“The dashboard was created with a long-term view in mind,” explained Carl Palmer of LegacyWorks Group. “It serves as a tool to actively engage the community in reducing the spread of COVID-19, while at the same time creating a shared platform where we can collectively monitor the evolving nature of the pandemic and its effects on our communities.”

“Santa Barbara County has a remarkable and rich network of skilled experts in a range of fields, each of which have been dramatically and uniquely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. This partnership brings these experts, and perhaps as importantly, brings their data together in one location, to comprehensively empower and ready our community and our leaders for the challenges and decisions ahead.  As an infectious disease physician, I cannot wait to have this dashboard as a “one stop shop” where I will find all the latest data and information that I need to tell the story of what has happened, but also to help me predict and prepare for what may lie ahead,” added Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons.

The dashboard will draw from and be consistent with County-vetted data, and readily embeddable in the County Public Health Department and regional health care institution websites to augment existing data communication tools and interpretation. The partnership is assessing adding elements in the future, such as forecasting and reporting on health and safety measures.

Steering Committee:

  • Steven DeLira, Deputy Executive Director, Family Services Agency
  • Lynn Fitzgibbons, Infectious Disease Specialist, Cottage Health
  • Terri Nisich, Assistant County Executive Officer, County of Santa Barbara
  • Monica Ray, Population Health Strategic Development Mgr., Cottage Center for Population Health
  • Peter Rupert, Ph.D., Economic Forecast Project Director, UC Santa Barbara
  • Joy Kane, Senior Epidemiologist, County Public Health Department
  • Carl Palmer, Founder and CEO, LegacyWorks Group

The Advisory Board:

  • Rubayi Estes, Vice President of Programs, Santa Barbara Foundation
  • Kevin Ferguson, Pathologist, Western Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Holly Goldberg, Ph.D.
  • Joseph Incandela, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Research, UC Santa Barbara
  • Kurt Ransahoff, CEO, Sansum Clinic
  • Mike Ridland, Project Manager, ESRI’s Living Atlas of the World
  • Trees Ritter, Infectious Disease Specialist, Marian Regional Medical Center

Contributing Partners:

  • Cottage Health
  • Family Service Agency
  • County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department
  • County of Santa Barbara Department of Social Services
  • County of Santa Barbara Department of Behavioral Wellness
  • County of Santa Barbara Housing and Community Development Division
  • Food Bank of Santa Barbara County
  • Santa Barbara Foundation
  • Santa Barbara County Education Office
  • UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project
  • CalPoly San Luis Obispo, Department of Social Sciences

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