Workplace Health

STAY WELL AT HOME EXECUTIVE ORDER and Santa Barbara County Health Officer Clarifications

On Thursday, March 19, 2020 California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence, except as needed to maintain operations of the 16 federal critical infrastructure sectors. The Stay at Home Executive Order is an effort to preserve the public health and safety and to ensure the healthcare delivery system is capable of serving all while prioritizing those at the highest risk and vulnerability.

Californians working in these critical sectors may continue their work due to the importance of these sectors to California’s health and well-being while those who work in “non-essential” sectors should stay home.

Industry specific guidelines have been published by the California Department of Public Health. They can be found here. These guidelines contain general and specific workplace health and safety recommendations.

Please refer to the following CDC resources for workplace health related information:

CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting:

Worker Safety and Support:

Businesses and Workplaces:

The County of Santa Barbara requires that everyone wear a face covering when inside of a business. This is a Health Officer Order. All Health Officer orders can be viewed here.



  • All food workers must wear facial covers which cover the nose and mouth and are supplied by the employer and maintained in a clean, sanitary manner.
  • Workers may not work while ill.
  • Food services are allowed for take-out and delivery only.  No on-site dining services are permitted.
  • Food facility employees or volunteers who have had symptoms of COVID-19 shall return to work only when they have been free of symptoms for at least 72 hours without medication AND at least seven (7) days have elapsed since the onset of symptoms.
  • The Health Officer recommends that food facility operators actively screen all workers, volunteers, and outside vendors for COVID-19 symptoms upon each   individual’s   arrival   at   the   food   facility.   Individuals   who   exhibit symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as defined by the Santa Barbara County Health Officer shall be immediately excluded from the facility.
  • Ensure ALL individuals maintain a minimum of six-feet distance.
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning:
    • Provide hand sanitizer, soap and water, or other effective disinfectant at or near the entrance of the facility and in other appropriate areas for use by the public and employees and in locations where there is high-frequency employee interaction with the public (e.g., cashiers);
    • Providing contactless payment systems or, if not feasible to do so, disinfecting all payment portals, keypads, pens, and styluses after each use; and
    • Regularly clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces.
  • Inform the public and employees that they should avoid entering the facility if they have a cough or fever, sneeze and/or cough into their elbow, and avoid all unnecessary physical contact.

Additional Measures in Response to COVID-19:

  • Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure.
  • If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, employers should inform fellow employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace but maintain confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employees exposed to a co-worker with confirmed COVID-19 should refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure.